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Sponsored MixMat


Sponsored MixMats get sent directly to people in impoverished areas all over the world. We deliver to our MixMat families and facilitate training them and their community on how best to use the MixMat to improve infrastructure in their local areas, both directly and through our partnership with Bright Light Volunteers and other non-profit partnerships.

Sponsoring each MixMat takes a family off of living on dirt, and on to concrete. Why is this important? It is impossible to clean a dirt floor and millions of people die each year in these living conditions due to infections directly linked to sleeping on the dirt. Our business in not just about the best way to mix concrete, it is offering opportunity of purpose to YOU our customer by bringing you on our vision of serving people that truly need our help. MixMat is very simple, yet very powerful. We are excited you have decided to aid our vision of service by sponsoring a MixMat today.


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