The MixMat

Hate wheelbarrows for concrete? Us too.

The MixMat is right for you

Introducing, the easiest way to mix and pour concrete for any DIY job. 

No spills

and quick, easy cleaning


10 times faster


1000+ uses

Any project is yours!

The MixMat is the new was to mix concrete, mortar, cement and more. Any job you would have previously used a wheelbarrow, tub, or bucket to mix concrete for you now use the MixMat instead.


With one or two people you can mix small batches of concrete in less than a minute. You can mix in tight places, and pour precisely. The best part is it only takes seconds to clean off with a hose.  Now you can spend less time working and more time enjoying your patio, bar or any other cool DIY projects you take on with the MixMat.


Now YOU can create anything concrete

No more wheelbarrows

Lets face it, most people think of creating concrete projects as not possible or not worth the energy. Now you can take on any of those DIY projects all on your own for less money, less effort and and 10 times faster than with a wheelbarrow, with the MixMat. You can enjoy your new counter tops, decorative benches or any of the other awesome concrete project ideas you have been wishing you create. When you use the MixMat, send us an email with a picture and description of your project and we may future you on the website! Happy Mixing.